work process
built in the air
  • kite workshops for adults

the wish to fly is a human desire in the truest sense of the word. this thought accompanies the process of kite-making. in this course the confrontation with the "dragon" (kite is "drachen" in german) takes place practically and theoretically. the practical part consists of understanding the traditional kite materials of bamboo and paper as well as their transformation into airworthy objects.

we start with a traditional japanese kite form. the paper is dyed with ink (shibori technique), then the bamboo kite frame is built. equipped with a bridle, tensioning cord and a flying line, this kite flies in a light wind. flying a self-made kite will inspire you to develop your own kite shape: for this purpose, bamboo is split into the finest pieces to make the skeleton of the kite with the help of twine and many knots. this is then covered with different papers (japan, nepal ...). in addition to this detailed material experience, the theory illuminates the kite's historical, mythological and cultural environment.

items to bring

  • hair dryer (to dry the dyed papers)
  • scissors
  • pruning shears (if available)
  • uhu glue
  • craft knife
  • woodcarving knife with strong blade (if available)
  • white glue for wood (e.g. ponal)
  • pencil
  • strong twine (if available)
  • thin paper, letters (if you want to include them on the kite)
  • smock/apron