photo credits

ramlal tien

  • index photo
  • kites: lined, companion, forest, aerial roots, hug-me-hammok, blue-on the ground, up+down, milk ice
  • installations: paper work, flight tests, aerial roots

christophe mc pherson

  • kites: disc, strong wind kite, raven in the moon, +

gerhard maurer

  • installation: aerial roots, wind wheels

martin mischkulnig

  • installation: paper work

michael lio

  • installation: mir wird so leicht/light hearted, kite workshop adults

helga rauter

  • installation: aerial roots

anna markut

  • kites: the wish

christiane baumgartner

  • installation: bamboo knots II

roswitha rosenstein

  • installation: wings

dominik achatz

  • theater: kite workshop

leo fellinger

  • workshop: 2x coloured and 1x bound, bamboo - light - paper, kite workshops adults, kite workshops children & adults

michael habersatter

  • installation: threadbare

alessia marrocu

  • kite: nest

tim elverston

  • kite: nest

armin furlan

  • installation: flying objects made of bamboo and paper

stephane clerisse

  • kite: your fence

anne hahmann

  • kite: sakura

roland haas

  • kite: shadow snow


  • installation: flight tests

cornelia bachofner

  • installation: paper work, mir wird so leicht/light hearted, film

dieter henke

  • installation: paper work, film

architecture house carinthia

  • installation: aerial roots, film