windige brüder
paper kite, self-built

first, we fold asian paper and colour it following a traditional japanese dyeing technique (shibori). then this paper is processed further. the cut edges are strengthened and a bamboo frame fastened. now the kite is only missing crepe paper ribbons for the kite tail and the flying line. once we have assembled everything and trimmed the kite, it will be tested for its suitability for flying. the kite takes off and rises up and up, showing us how easy it is to fly.

safety rules when flying a kite
  • do not fly kites near or under power lines.
  • do not fly kites if a thunderstorm is looming. flying lines can be conductive and act like a lightning conductor/lightning rod.
  • do not fly kites near roads, highways, railway tracks or airports.
  • the flying line must not be longer than 100 metres. in large cities often only 50 metres.